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Prose in a calming afternoon

Traveling can give people freedom. I start to think it is a part of me to just want to go and do my work in the movement of the surrounding. The feeling of exploring things and towns, where I don’t belong is just amazing. It gives me energy and at the same time, excitement, and gives me a new perspective of the world and the circumstances that I am in.

I am now over 30 years old. Sound like an exciting time to do things I want. Indeed, I get to see the new city, feel all the vibes, and go through emotions. I can allow myself to go deep in thoughts, and embrace the eccentric me. I have long thought about what is it that I need, what I can do, and what I should do. These questions possibly are going to be present in each milestone of your life, even each second you breathe. It doesn’t mean you are second-guessing yourself. It solely means you embrace your existence, and allow yourself to explore yourself, and your limits.

Somebody I met told me, “you are most free when you are a child”. It is so true, as children don’t have responsibilities, commitment, fear of losing things, and don’t hold back. The more we grow, the more we hold ourselves back. We are scared of being hurt and intimidated by other powers. We become a quiet version of ourselves. Now, that doesn’t mean we are noisy when we are young. We are just being bubbly and talkative, which is rational for socializing and maturing.

I have turned myself into a unique version that remains quiet when people become loud and try to press their influence on me but turns into a very chirpy person when I allow someone to see me more. This requires a lot of observations that lead me to, most of the time, being seen as distant and aloof and no one can understand me. I am not too different from others, I am just selective. I don’t easily let people walk into my life. And I think it’s healthy.

To conclude, these are a few things to take home:

1. Make sure you find time to travel. It doesn’t matter if it is domestic or international travel. Even just a 2-hour trip to a new or relatively new town will give you a fresh mentality.

2. Set up a list of things you want to do. You will realize, there is so much to discover and experience, and gain your energy back.

3. Perhaps trying to write down your thoughts is a good idea to know, that you are progressing.

In the end, enjoy the fun of traveling.

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